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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Its Christmas Eve and its been a while since I last blogged. I have been putting in medium volume online but my results have been abysmal. I am thinking I will take off until Monday after Christmas. I am really looking forward to going to my parents that day and staying there until the Friday after New Years. My finacee will also be joining me there for about 3 days but then she has to go to Malaysia on a business trip.

After I leave my parents I will be going to Biloxi Mississippi for a week or so to represent FeltStars at the Southern poker Championship at the Beau Rivage, which is a WPT event. Not sure if I'll play in the final televised event or not, but hopefully I do. Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone out there, and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

If anyone is in Biloxi for the WPT event stop by and say hello.

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Til Next Time....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back from Vegas- Trip report and Online play

Well, I am finally back in Houston after a nice long trip to Vegas.

As far as poker goes the trip was pretty dismal as I ended up winning the equivalent of only 1 buy in in the games that I was playing for the entire trip. Overall I feel like I played pretty well so I am trying to not be results oriented.

Overall the trip was a great success though as I FINALLY (after 5+ years) proposed to my girlfriend on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Las Vegas Casino. She of course said yes. It was very beautiful as we were 500+ feet above the Las Vegas Strip, with the fountains at Bellagio dancing in front of us as I asked her. She seems to love her ring that I picked out. After that we had a nice (but grossly overpriced) dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant (Thanks Mom and Dad for picking up that bill as our Thanksgiving gift!!). The last week of my trip was spent mostly playing slots and $4-$8 limit hold em with my fiancee. We got to spend time with our old friends who we used to work with and eat at all of our favorite restaurants in Vegas. We had a great time.

Today was my first full day back playing on FeltStars. I put in 2665 hands in my session and had a nice win. Planned on playing for 8 hours today but I started getting tired at about the 7 hour mark and called it quits 7 1/2 hours in. Oh well, close enough. I think my 6-max game is really coming around, and after 150k hands I am winning at a rate of about 5bb/100 which I would be ecstatic to keep up. I plan on playing a bunch tomorrow as well, and taking a break to watch the SEC Championship game. I think Florida will beat Alabama, but Im not sure enough to put any money on it!

Oh well, guess thats all for now.

Til next time....