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Monday, March 22, 2010

WCOIP wrap up and Week in Review

Well my first week back from Vegas is in the books. Unfortunately I was sick at the beginning of the week and never fully got grinding like I hoped, but I did manage to log a paltry 12k hands for the week. The cash games combined with my few small tournament cashes still led to a very profitable week, nearly half as much as I made in the month of February. And speaking of tournaments, as you may or may not be able to see in the above picture, I was able to win another WCOIP event, the Pot Limit Omaha Championship on FeltStars. For my efforts I won an insignificant amount of money, but more importantly a new Rolex Submariner watch. I'm pretty excited about the silly watch because it is a luxury item that I would not buy for myself. In fact, I am still wearing the $60 Pulsar by Seiko watch that I bought for myself on my 21st birthday (I'll be 29 in 2 months)! I also will be awarded a WCOIP gold bracelet for winning the PLO championship.

I also got heads up in the No Limit Championship going for my 3rd win out of the 6 events that I played in the WCOIP. I started heads up with a 100k to 32k chip advantage. After losing the first 5 hands I was still in the lead 72k to 60k when I was dealt KK and got all in vs my opponents JJ. I dodged a T-5-2 flop, but unfortunately he hit a J on the turn to cripple me down to 12k in chips. I lost the next hand. Aside from the small pay jump between first and second, I really wanted those Kings to hold up so that I would be the winner of both bracelet events in the WCOIP and be the only person in the world to own WCOIP bracelets. Yeah, I know, it's silly, but whatever. I guess I'll have to settle for a WCOIP bracelet on my right wrist, and a shiny new Rolex Submariner on my left. I know, tough life!! LOL.

I just played my first session for the week after doing household chores all day. Unfortunately my concentration level was abysmal as illustrated in this hand:

Obviously I NEVER check the river back with the near nuts, but I literally think that I fell asleep or something. After this hand I realized that it probably was best to call it a day, get some rest, and get back to the grind tomorrow. I did start playing a little higher tonight. Instead of 4 tables of 1/2 NL Rush poker, I played 2 tables of 1/2 NL Rush poker and 2 tables of 2/4. Eventually, hopefully, I will phase out the Rush poker all together and play 9 to 12 tables of 2/4 NL. This is assuming that I stop checking the nuts behind on the river! :-P

Hopefully I will be able to grind a lot this week, with less emphasis on number of hands played and more emphasis on working up to playing more 2/4 and less 1/2. I feel confident enough to be moving up and am properly bankrolled, so I'm gonna cross my fingers, close my eyes, and enjoy the ride!

Til Next Time....

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