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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Always a Day Late and a Dollar Short

As far as the world of blogging is concerned, I of course am way behind the times. This is my first blog and hopefully I will be able to keep up with it at least on a weekly basis. I am starting this blog in conjunction with my new partnership with the online poker site FeltStars. I was recently named one of the first 3 pros signed to the site, and hope for a long and prosperous future with the brand. For those that don't know, FeltStars is part of the Merge Network which includes established sites like Carbon Poker and PokerNordica. It is definitely a new kid on the block, but I have the utmost confidence in its management team and in the software used by the network. I also think that the players will be treated fairly due to the fact that the poker room manager is a former WSOP tournament director and he understands the needs and desires of the players, and is willing to do his best to meet those needs.

I will try to relay poker content in my blogs, as well as the life of a poker pro playing both online and live. I will probably stay away from posting numbers when it comes to wins and losses as I feel that takes away from the actual content, but we'll see. I'll leave you with the webpage announcement which will give you an overview of my poker resume and a little bit about me.

Benton "BootnTee" Blakeman

Benton started playing poker while attending college at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana during the fall of 2001. It was during this time that a family friend who had been playing for years took him under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of the daily grind. Almost immediately Benton consistently beat the $4-$8 limit game at the local bar where he played every night, as well as the games at the casinos in New Orleans where he would travel to several times a week in search of action. Upon graduating college in December of 2002, Benton, at the young age of 21, packed up his car and moved to Las Vegas. Throughout the last 5 years he has concentrated on playing in cash games, primarily No-Limit Hold Em, both in casinos around the country and online. Although he has put up impressive cash game numbers, he has also put up some very impressive tournament results both online and live as well, racking up $200,000 in cashes.

Tournament Results
1st place in 200k on UltimateBet for $45,000
4th place in 200k on UltimateBet for $13,000
2nd place in Fifty-Fifty on FullTilt for $8,300
Final Table finish in the Sunday Brawl on FullTilt
Multiple wins in the $33 rebuy on UltimateBet
4 way chop in Bellagio $1080 Weekend tournament for $13,500
2 way chop in a $550 event at the Grand Poker Series at the Golden Nugget
Multiple wins in the Poker Zone tournament at the Mirage.

Benton can be found playing four to eight tables of $1-$2 to $5-$10 No Limit cash games online, and $5-$10 to $10-$25 No Limit cash games at the casinos. Benton currently resides in Houston, Texas with his girlfriend Kim and their two dogs Virginia and Henry. He still travels to Las Vegas and Los Angeles several months out of the year. His screename on FeltStars is "BootnTee" and he can be reached at Feel free to email poker questions to him or inquire about private lessons.

Til next time.....

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