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Monday, November 9, 2009

Las Vegas

I flew into Las Vegas last night for a few weeks of cash games and tourneys. The Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza is in full swing and I plan on playing a few events while here. I will probably play one $340 event, and a few $550's, as well as the $2500 main event. I will mostly be playing cash games while here though. It looks like my mainstay will be the 5-10NL at the Venetian and the Wynn, and ythe 10-20NL game at the Bellagio.

I am staying with a friend and his wife for 16 days, and then my girlfriend is coming in the day before Thanksgiving and we will be staying on the strip for a week. I probably wont do much serious playing while she is here, but I plan on grinding a lot of hours before she arrives. Once she's here we dont haveany real set plans except for tickets to PeepShow starring Holly Madison frm "The Girls Next Door." That should be a fun show. We have 1st row center stage tickets.

Other than that I plan on eating all the foods that I miss most from my 4 years living here, and I also plan on doing some condo hunting as we hope to buy a place here sometime between now and February or March while the prices are super low. I'll try to blog poker results as I start to play more.

Til next time..

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