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Saturday, November 14, 2009

1st live tourney in Vegas since WSOP=epic fail

I decided to join a friend of mine today at the Venetian for the DeepStack tournament. I of course entered the event with high hopes which faded away pretty quicky after losing half my stack bluffing and the other half when I got all in preflop with AQss vs AThh for 28 big blinds. He promptly flopped a ten and turned a ten. The good news is that I only wasted 2 hours of my day in it and got to grind cash games for the next 7 hours. The 5-10 was pretty tough today, and I started off my session by getting 100 big blinds in with QQ vs AK and losing that race. Luckily I managed to recoup those losses and ended up winning a half a buy in by the end of the day.

On Thursday night I went to the Wynn and played in a great 5-10 game. I was lucky enough to pick up AA vs KK to win a 200+ big blind pot and ended my session winning close to 2 buy ins.

The last 6 days have been swingy to say the least, but I am definitely enjoying playing live again. There definitely is still some very soft spots out there, more so than on the internet I think, but its just a matter of getting adjusted to the more passive style of live play. I am rarely ever running into other players who are 3betting preflop with hands like 76 offsuit and K5 suited like I do everyday online.

Anyway, gonna hang out with my buddy and do some poker coaching tomorrow during the day, have dinner with him and his wife tomorrow night, and then plan on playing a nice long session at either the Bellagio or the Wynn after dinner. I prefer the Wynn but kind of feel like playing 10-20, so I'll have to call them and see if they have a game going or if I need to go to Bellagio to find one.

Got a twitter update from all star tournament director Matt Savage saying that they are down to 27 players on day 1a of the 250k guarantee at Commerce and that my good friend Joe Tehan is still in and above average in chips with 101k. Sure hope he takes it down! Joe is a great player and has helped me a lot with my game. Good luck Joe and see you next week back in Vegas for some poker and bowling!

Oh well, guess its time for some TV and then off to bed.

Til next time....

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