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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Short Update

Well, the month is nearly over already. So far I have played right at 80,000 hands this month. It's been a fun month so far with huge swings up and down, but overall it has been one of my better months in the cash games. Also, I have finalized my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. I will be going for 11 days and hopefully playing a few events at the Wynn Classic. The Wynn is my favorite room in Vegas by far, so I am really looking forward to playing a few tourneys there. They have a 6-handed no limit tourney going while I will be there, so I am definitely planning on trying to play that one!

On another note, Kim and I have pretty much finalized our wedding plans. We are looking forward to heading to the Bahamas for our WeddingMoon in May. We will have a small reception for our families once we get back to Houston. I'll be looking forward to my parents coming out for the reception, as well as celebrating my 29th birthday on the same day as the reception.

Hopefully on Sunday I will add an end of the month blog which will include my Hold Em manager graph for the month. Looks like I wont play 100k hands this month, but I'm sure I'll get close.

Til Next Time....

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