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Monday, February 1, 2010

Been a While- Jan Update

Hello All,

Sorry about the lack of updates since Christmas, but I just returned to Houston after being gone since December 28th! I cant believe its February already.

After Christmas I went to my parents house for a visit. I had a very nice time there, and Kim even came over for a few days. We celebrated "Christmas morning" with my side of the family on New Years morning. I think everyone loved their gifts. Mom and Kim headed out to the casino to play some slots, while Dad and I stayed home and watched football in the afternoon. We are HUGE college football fans.

Kim left for a business trip a few days after New Years, so I decided to stay at my parents for an extra week before I headed down to Biloxi, Mississippi for the WPT Southern Poker Championship. On my way there I picked up my good friend (a WPT champ!) from the airport in New Orleans. Somehow I talked him in to flying in from Vegas to join me for 2 weeks of poker on the Gulf Coast. We arrived at the Beau Rivage, and my buddy final tabled the first tourney of the trip. He finished 4th for a decent payday of a little over 8k. Unfortunately, that was about it for our trip. I had zero cashes in about 8 or so tourneys, with only 1 deep run culminating in me losing a monster pot with QQ vs 77 on a 722 flop. I played well in the cash games but more or less broke even in them. What I did accomplish on the trip was improving my game. I spent 20+ hours over 2 weeks watching my friend play online and taking notes on spots where I have leaks in my game. He also spent 10+ hours watching me play and reviewing hands after the session. I think this "tutoring" in itself made the trip extremely +EV!! After my friend busted from the 10k main event I dropped him off at the airport and went back to my parents to pick up all of my things and spend a few more days with them. I returned to Houston last week and enjoyed a relaxing weekend with my fiancee while catching up with mail and TV.

Today I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine who just crushes 6 max no limit games online. Last month he managed to win 100 buy ins playing 2/4 NL! He was nice enought to spend nearly 3 hours reviewing strategy and going over hypothetical hand examples that I made up in order to try to improve my game. I plan on putting all this studying in to action this month. I dropped my Deuces Cracked membership this month but kept my Bluefire Poker one. I felt like learning from too many instructors was just confusing me and making me question all of my decisions at the table. Now that I am back to just studying under 2 or 3 very talented and winning players, I feel much more confident about my decision making process at the table. It's good to note that no matter how good you think you are, you can ALWAYS learn more and get better.

On an unrelated note, my fiancee and I are pretty close to setting a wedding date. We are both excited about this and I would bet that we'll be married before the beginning of summer!

I guess thats about it for now. Plan on getting a good nights rest and then hitting the virtual felt hard tomorrow and putting all my hard work into practice!

A special congrats to FeltStars Pro Tyler Smith for final tabling the main event at the WPT Biloxi. Unfortunately he went out in 6th, but he did FeltStars proud! Way to go Tyler.

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Til Next Time....

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